Yomawari Night Alone

Many Announcements from NIS America: ‘htoL # NiQ’ & ‘Criminal Girls: Invite Only’ Go PC, ‘Yomawari’ Get UK Version in 2016

NIS America held a press conference that contains many announcements. Some examples are there are two PS Vita games that will be present on PC, the English version of ” Yomawari Night Alone ,” and also teaser for the English version of ” Criminal Girls 2. ”

Yomawari Night Alone

Although the new PC Disgaea was released, NIS America was already convinced that PC and Steam will deliver the results they want. Therefore, then they were ready to present two games at once to the PC. For ” htoL # NIQ: The Firefly Diary ” was released in March 2016. This game was told of a girl who lost her memory and had to escape from the ruins of a building filled with many traps that will kill you.

While the second game was ” Criminal Girls: Invite Only ” which was released in April 2016. In this game, you must punish a number of girls sent to hell for their sins. Both of these games were previously released for PS Vita.

The next announcement was the announcement of the English version of Yomawari: Night Alone . Game made by Nippon Ichi Software is a survival horror game that tells about a girl who went walking with her dog named Poro in the afternoon. But because of an accident, the girl goes home without Poro.

Therefore, her sister went out to look for Poro. But it turns out his brother did not come back, so the girl decided to go out in search of both. It’s just that, the city changed its shape to creepy.


NIS America closed their press conference by showing a teaser image of a silhouette of girls from Criminal Girls 2 . The picture also writes ” Do not do anything Criminal .” It is likely that NIS America is also preparing Criminal Girls 2 English Version. The game for PS Vita was released in Japan in November 2015.

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