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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII’ English Version Present at PS4 & Steam as of July

Koei Tecmo announced that they are ready to present the English version of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII ” for PlayStation 4 and PC.

romance of the three kingdom xii

In this strategy game, you will be able to build a city in China during the Three Kingdoms. While building the city, you have to set up alliances with other clans, build army forces to protect your city or attack other clans, and many more.

You will be free to resolve the conflict in any way. One of the highlights in this latest entry is the large variety of troop units that you can recruit and train.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will present two game modes that you can enjoy. The first mode is the Campaign that has become the hallmark of this series.

Romance of the three kingdoms xii

You will be able to freely want to start from what year and can set game setting . You will be free to become one of 700 such historic characters as Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and others.

You will also be able to create your own character. While the second mode is Hero Mode is useful as a detailed tutorial . In this mode, the story will really follow real history.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will be released on July 5 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series .

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