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Pokemon Go Reveals Its Newest Details

Soon you and your friends seem to be able to travel away from home to become a Pokemon Master . The Pokemon Company International and Niantic Labs have just released more information on Pokémon GO applications on Thursday. Niantic Labs also showed some screenshots of the game.

pokemon go
Players can use the app to find Pokemon in the real world, as shown by its ads. Some Pokemon will only appear in certain areas only, such as Pokemon type water will only appear near the lake or sea. A bit of a nuisance seems to be if you want to hunt Mewtwo because you have to find a secret cave to get it.
It’s even harder if you have to look for Hooh or Lugia because chances are you have to fly in the sky to catch him. When you are on a plane and suddenly the plane changes direction, chances are the pilot is chasing Rayquaza . You must also enter the volcano to find Groudon . Fuss too, yes.

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Your smartphone will vibrate when there is a Pokemon around you. Players can also find ” PokeStops ” and Pokemon Gyms in unexpected places. For example, art exhibition rooms, historical places, monuments, and much more. Is there any Pokemon around Monas ? You can buy PokeBall in PokeStops. After the player is quite adventurous, PokeStops will also give Pokemon egg players who will hatch after you walk a number of steps. Togepi ?
The Pokemon gym will remain empty until a player sets the Pokemon to keep the Gym . Players then have to work with other teams to defend the Gym . At some point in the game, players will be asked to join one of three teams.

Players can increase trainer level by capturing powerful Pokemon and get better items . Capturing enough of one type of Pokemon will allow players to evolve the Pokemon.

pokemon go

The game will also give a medal for the player Nintendo offers ” Pokemon Go Plus “, a bracelet that has vibration and LED functions with a bluetooth connection to let players know something is going on in the game.

They hope this bracelet makes the player more focus on the circumstances around and not fixated on his smartphone screen looking for Pokemon. Especially for pilots chasing Hooh and Lugia, do not fly carelessly, yes

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