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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi] English Version Released on April 7th for Android & iOS

Square Enix finally announced that ” Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi] ” English version will release on April 7 for Android and iOS. Along with this announcement, Square Enix also released an interview with Tetsuya Nomura , the director behind the Kingdom Hearts series .

In his interview, Tetsuya Nomura revealed a lot of information about this game:

Message from Tetsuya Nomura: “I hope fans and newcomers can enjoy a new adventure that reveals the origins of Kingdom Hearts .”

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1. Please explain the story of this game taking a position where in the Kingdom Hearts series.

This is the “origins” story of the Kingdom Hearts series . In other words, this game is at the very beginning of the story narrative.

This game takes the setting in the world of various fairy tales discussed throughout the series, precisely in the era before the occurrence of Keyblade War .

There are many keyblade users in this world and you are one of them.

2. How Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi] relate to Kingdom hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter to be released?

All three games in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 have a relationship with Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi] in many ways. You can see it most clearly in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi] Backcover , a video of approximately 1 hour that reveals the story from the Foretellers point of view gathering the keyblade users . On the other hand, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi] shows the story from the player’s point of view. By watching Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi] Backcover , you can see what these leaders do secretly.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

And in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD , which is an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is released for the 3DS, you can realize that the Dream Eater is a foreshadow / sign. And the games that will be the link between these two games and the latest games are Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep . The game was created using the technology behind Kingdom Hearts III . This new game is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep , and has a short episode that tells what happened after Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD. But you can play this game to experience how Kingdom Hearts III g ameplay later.

3. You say this before E3 2015, but what is the inspiration behind Chirithy’s character?

By the time we realized we needed a character to direct the player because of the game’s nature, I did not want the always-pushy character because the character would continue to accompany the player. Once the idea is clear enough, then I think the cat will fit, because you can not guess what they think but can mingle with humans, so I choose my favorite, Scottish Folds as the motive.

I also like Meow Wow from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance , but I make sure I design his eyes to not look like a cat. Some people mistake me for designing this cat because I have a Scottish Folds cat , but it’s actually upside down; some time after we designed the character, I started to keep two Scottish Folds cats . By the way , their names are not Chirithy.

4. In addition to the characters and the emerging world of the Kingdom Hearts series, are there unique characters and worlds and only exist in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

The game is currently running in a rule, so the only new world is “Daybreak Town,” the city where you first started. But there may be a new world if we continue to service for this game.

Regarding the new character, there are not only 5 Foretellers and Chirithy, but there is also an important new character named Ephemera and Skuld.

5. What aspects of this game will be of interest to the fans? What do you think will make them addicted to this game?

One of the main pillars is the feeling of playing live , unlike the Kingdom Hearts games so far. You can communicate and work together, and sometimes compete. But the feeling of going somewhere and there are people and their world moving uniquely in this game alone.

In addition, there are also various events that you can enjoy. Collecting medals is also an important element in the fight. In addition, we also offer a ranking system . Surely not Kingdom Heart s if there is no unique story, so you can certainly enjoy this game in various ways.

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6. What kind of costumes are there in this game? Is there a character costume that you like?

There are already many variations of costumes in this game. Of course you can create original characters, Disney characters, Kingdom Heart s characters , special or seasonal designs, each for male and female characters. In addition, you can also mix and match from the costumes that exist, so you can freely wear the costumes you want.

From what I see, the hair style character Neku from The World Ends With You version of Kingdom Hearts 3: Dream Drop Distance coupled with the robe Organization XIII quite popular. Costume Cloud from Final Fantasy VII version Kingdom Hearts and King Mickey costumes are also popular. If I am private, I like the Cheshire Cat costume.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X for all

7. Is there a special message for fans?

As I said at the beginning, this is an early story of the Kingdom Hearts series , so you do not need to know anything about this series.

I want people who have never played Kingdom Hearts to try this opportunity in an empty state. And of course for the fans , you can play this game freely, whether it collects your favorite character’s medals, collects costumes, and becomes part of the Kingdom Hearts world and enjoys your own story that leads to one of the biggest mysteries of this series, Keyblade War . I hope you guys will also be able to enjoy Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts III which will release, as well as the upcoming Kingdom Hearts games .

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