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 ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Can Make Players Cry

Now Final Fantasy XV is trendy FEELS. All the media seem to be competing to make the audience cry, from the manga, anime, and now the game. Not to mention, the latest game that seems to be driving players to be able to be childlike like ” Final Fantasy XV.”

Final Fantasy XV
In an interview in a gaming magazine, FFXV director Hajime Tabata stated that he hoped his ending would make the players cry. He said players who have volunteered for hours to play this game are entitled to an emotional ending .

“I want to make emotional endings in the game and make as many people cry as possible,” he said. “You guys have been playing games for hours, so I’m annoyed when I end up with an annoying ending that does not make me stir, disappointing. At least make me cry or emotional! I want to make an ending that can stir the hearts of players who have dedicated so much time here. ”

Final Fantasy XV new

It added that Tabata wanted FFXV to make the same effect as when the first Final Fantasy VII was released. “Some team members can get here because of FFVII. They took the challenge of going beyond FFVII once again, a great motivation. FFVII gives us a very high standard, but that’s a good thing. ”

Wait for the end of this month because “he said” the release date of FFXV will be released on March 30th. Just beware if delayed again.

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