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Detail Story and Character Drankengard 3, No Lose Crazy from Drakengard 1

Drankengard 1
After 10 years of the first game release of this series, Drakengard 3 (known as Drag-On Dragoon 3 in Japan) was finally created and scheduled out this year.

Not only that, Taro Yoko, the first Drakengard director and Nier who is absent at Drakengard 2 (which may also explain why Drakengard 2’s story is not as crazy as the first Drakengard or depressing like Nier Gestalt / Replicant) will return to director at Drakengard 3, about the characters and the story has come out indicating that Drakengard 3 will not lose f * cked up with Drakengard 1. Here is information about the story and characters that have been out.

Drankengard 2

Deep in the past, the goddesses referred to as “Utatai” see that humanity suffers in the midst of war and tyranny, so that they descend to the world. These goddesses use the power of magic from the songs to defeat the rulers and bring peace to the world. These goddesses are then worshiped and given the power to control the world. They came to be known as 歌 姫 / diva.

A young Utatai named “One” has a desire to bring peace and balance to the world. He prepares to unite all Utatai and reach the highest position in the world. One day, brother of One, “Zero”, appears with a dragon. Why does Zero suddenly appear in front of One? Why is he friends with a dragon? What exactly is Utatai? Darkness again closes the world.

Drankengard 3 zero

Zero, the main character of Drakengard 3, is the older brother of One who is said to be the strongest Utatai. His nature is rude and likes to make trouble. In addition he also has many sexual partners. Zero has an artificial left hand (which is said to have an important role in the story) and a growing interest in his right eye.

Drankengard one
One of the features of the game is Zero will be filled with blood every time you kill the enemy and will become stronger the more blood that sticks in his clothes.

Drankengard one

As the younger brother of Zero, One has properties that are contrary to his brother. He has a strong sense of justice and is known as a rational person. One also wondered why Utatai came to this world.

What is interesting about this character One is the design that is similar to the character Manah which is the antagonist character of Drakengard 1 and one party member in Drakengard 2. Ever mentioned in an interview that the story of Drakengard 3 is probably the prequel of Drakengard 1, so maybe this character is will relate to the origins of Manah or even The Watcher


Drankengard 6

After the red dragon (Angelus) in Drakengard 1 and the black dragon (Legna) in Drakengard 2, dragon mount of the main character of Drakengard 3 is a white dragon named Mikhail. Contrary to Zero, Mikhail is idealistic and peace loving (though it seems unlikely to burn some soldiers with his fire breath) so often conflicts with Zero.

Drankengard 7
Zero can move from a fight on land to a fight in the air by riding Mikhail like in Drakengard 1 & 2. The new from Drakengard this is Zero can tell Mikhail to accompany him to fight on the ground without having to ride.

Drankengard mikhail

In addition to dragon Zero, Mikhail, Zero also got 4 party members who can be brought 2 people at once per mission. The party members are 4 men called “Apostles”.

Drankengard decad

These Apostles have a duty to … .. fulfill Zero sexual appetite (remember, in Drakengard 1, the party member of the main character is a blind pedophile priest and a cannibal female elf who likes to eat small children).
Here is the information of each Apostle.

Drankengard dito

In contrast to his performance, Dito is a sadist. He enjoys hurting people and hears their painful screams (in short, S).

This fighting-handed decad enjoys the pain he feels (in short, M). But he still has common sense and good for women.

Drankengard cent

Cent is a handsome young man who uses two swords. He is very confident with himself, to appear cocky in the presence of others.

Octa is a grandfather who uses a giant ring weapon. Among all the Apostles, he is the most expert in sex activities.
That’s the main characters of Drakengard 3. The characters do not feel like good people, but that madness makes Drakengard 1 so unique and memorable.

But unfortunately Drakengard 1 & 2 has a repetitive and grindy gameplay, but Nier is also made by Cavia and directed by Taro Yoko has a pretty good gameplay. It is expected that Drakengard 3 also has a much more satisfying gameplay than Drakengard 1 & 2.


Drakengard 3 was developed by Access Games and published by Square Enix, this game will be released for PlayStation 3 this year, but until now has not been announced the exact date.

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